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Yves Levêque wins Grand Prize at World Master Open Music Competition

The results of the 2023 World Masters Open Music Competition, under the banner of WOMCO, have been announced.

The competition drew performers of various instruments, ranging from classic pianos and violins to traditional folk instruments, as well as vocalists, composers, electronic music producers, chamber music, and conductors, showcasing the diversity and international nature of music. Yves Levêque wins the Grand Prize.

Yves Levêque

Coming from a family of musicians with a Baritone grandfather at the Paris Opera and a mother piano teacher, he began his musical training with classical studies. While continuing his studies at the Rennes Conservatory where he took piano, violin, flute, percussion, music theory and harmony lessons, he began to write songs. He recorded several albums including "IMAGINE" crowned with the 1st Prize for Francophone Song, The prize was awarded to him at the Paris Opera. French-speaking televisions invite him. On this occasion, the great virtuoso violinist Ivry GITLIS lends himself to the game and accompanies him on one of his compositions.

ARIANA, Concerto in C minor.

In 2019, the order of a credits of 1:30 for a television series gave him the idea of a Concerto for piano and symphony orchestra. The composition is presented in three movements. This tonal work is the journey of a lifetime, a giant emotional clip that is characterized by the diversity of genres.


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