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Rodrigo Landa-Romero

"Music is my passion; it allows me to explore the deepest corners of my soul and my imagination."

Can you introduce yourself and talk about how you got into music?

"Hello, my name is Rodrigo Landa-Romero, and I am a Mexican 18-year-old concertizing pianist, composer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur who began his music and artistic life at age two. Music has always been part of me, it is soothing and channels my creativity. How did I get into music? Well…it was automatic, there was no need to think about anything…it just happened with an instant connection. I have always known that my path in life is music, no question about it.

At the same time, I believe that classical and orchestral music is as strong as ever, as can be seen in the filmmaking business. Music gives the film life! What would the film Star Wars be without its orchestral music? Raiders of the Lost Arc? Ice Age? Music fills our being with energy and happiness.

I have the blessing of having a 120-year-old Steinway Grand Concert Piano at home in perfect working order, where I have learned and practiced piano since my early childhood. It was like it was meant to be!  The other day I was thinking that I must have played to date more than 10,000 hours on that piano (3 hours a day on average, five days a week for fifteen years) …and the piano is still strong and going. Likewise, every time I play my piano, I think of the long history of those who have played and composed magnificent tunes in it. Me and my piano are as one, we clicked instantly.

Even though I am the only musician in my family my home is full of musical instruments, we have the Grand Piano, a melodica, two violins (one baby size and the other normal size), a guitar, a mandolin, an accordion, a clarinet, a flute, and a harmonica, all of which were given to me by my parents to foster my musical knowledge as a musician and a composer, specially an orchestral composer. I have therefore learned how these instruments work and sound, allowing me a true taste of their delights."

Where did you study your music?

"Since I was twelve, I decided to do home-schooling which has worked out wonderful. Not only did I learn traditional school material, but I was able to fully concentrate on my music.  I have had personalized piano and composition classes at my home. Having these personalized classes is fantastic given that I get the teachers full attention and optimize my time.  Personalized classes have dramatically sped up my music learning process.

I have also taken a variety of music programs at Harvard, Berklee, Juilliard, Cambridge (UK) and Oxford (UK). Likewise, I hold the ABRSM (Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music, UK) Grade 8 Certificate. Overall things have turned out beautifully.

I believe that there is still so much to learn and have fun while doing it. Likewise, I feel that my creativity is at full speed. This is a little bit of a dilemma given I think that too much study may hamper one’s creativity, so the idea is to have a balance between my studies and my freedom to let my creativity flourish. Overall, I am highly motivated and eager to learn."

What three words describe your performance style?

"Energetic, Dynamic, and Profound."

Would you like to share your experience participating in the "European Classical Music Awards Competition?

It is an honor to participate in the European Classical Music Awards Competition, which I believe is an excellent way to unite musicians throughout the world. Music is a common language that requires love and devotion. Participating in this Competition is one of the culminating moments of a musician, were sharing one’s music with the world by many is an achievement in itself. The Competition has brought musician together for a common purpose, becoming part of a group who is pursuing the same objective…and that is to foster and boost the love for music throughout the world. The European Classic Music Awards Competition has the noble cause of uniting musicians. We are not here to compete, but rather to share our best works and boost and incentivize musicians in a marvelous global endeavor.

I greatly appreciate the support that this Competition provides and hence allows musicians to continue living their dreams."

Can you explain a bit about the winning work(s) you entered into the 2023 Annual Grand Prix, and why you chose them?

"My works entered in the 2023 Annual Grand Prix have been my own compositions on piano solo, inspired on a profound musical encounter with nature. Nature played a very important role in the creation of my works. The trees, waterfalls, the singing of the birds, all inspired me. Also, I enjoy the silence of the countryside which allows me to fully concentrate on my works.  Even though I live in a big city, the countryside has inspired me to create some of my best works.

The works submitted are a culmination of a series of works, which I had the honor of playing in Salzburg, Austria."

Is there anything else you would like to add to the interview?

"I would just like to add that music is a world in itself, which allows you to connect with your creativity and peace."

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